Zak tko

Zak Saturday is a character from The Secret Saturdays,and is owned/created by Jay Stephens.

The Zak SaturdaybotEdit

The Zak Saturday bot has alot of reach and can finish off opponents with a powerfull beam attack.

The Zak Saturdaybot has black and white spikey hair.It wears a orange vest,with a S for Saturday on it.Under the vest is a long sleeved black shirt.It wears yellow pants.


Cyclone Kick:>> C or >> V: The Zak Saturdaybot will spin in air torwards youre opponent,kicking them.

Whip Claw:>> Z or >> X: Zak Saturdaybot will shoot a green claw shooting torward's youre opponent.

Cryptid Beam:Spacebar: Watch as Zak Saturdaybot will shoot a beam of green energy straight torwards you're foe.

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