Tko vilgax

Vilgax is an conquerer of 10 world's from the Ben 10 franchise.He is owned by Dwayne McDuffie/The Man Of Action.

The VilgaxbotEdit

The Vilgax bot has a powerfull projectile and a kick that hits opponent's on the ground or in air.

The Vilgaxbot is a humanoid squid alien.He has metal leg armor,with grey metal kneepad's.He wears a powerfull glove,witch has a shiny gold gem in it.He also wears a red shirt that has some black in it.The other arm is a normal squid arm,but has a glove with a red gem in it.He also has metal part's on his face.


Cyber Kick:>> C or >> V: Watch the Vilgaxbot kick his metal leg into the air,being able to hit things on the ground and air,as his leg lights on fire.

Ruby Ray:>> Z or >> X: The Vilgaxbot will send a ray of red fire from his ruby on his glove.

Eye Of Destruction:Spacebar: Vilgaxbot will send a giant blue ray half the size of the game screen at youre opponent.