TKO Ulti Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo is an ultimate version of Echo Echo from Ben 10:Ultimate Alien,witch is owned by Dwayne McDuffie/The Man Of Action.

Ultimate Echo EchobotEdit

The Ultimate Echo Echo bot uses sound waves as both projectiles and defensive barriers.

The Ulti. Echo Echobot is blue,with black stripes all over its body.It has some black circles on it,too,that have a blue circle.The black and blue circle can come out and shoot the foe's.Of course,it has the Ultimatrix on its chest.As shown in the picture,it's circle's does actually shoot Sonic Waves.


Sound Barrier:>> C or >> V: Watch as Ulti. Echo Echobot suddenly surrounds itself with a sonic wave barrier,and if youre foe touches it,they're damadged.

Sonic Disc:>> Z or >> X: Ulti. Echo Echobot suddenly just shoots a sonic disc from its body at youre foe,giving damadge.

Echo Chamber: Spacebar: Suddenly, The Ulti. Echo Echobot sends all the disc's on its body to surround youre foe,and will trap the foe in a barrier of sound waves impossible to escape.