Ultimate Big Chill is the evolved form of Big Chill, with Big Chill being from Ben 10:Alien Force and Ulti. Big Chill from Ben 10:Ultimate Alien.Ulti. Big Chill is in all way's owned by Dwayne McDuffie/The Man Of Action.

The Ultimate Big ChillbotEdit

Ulti Bigchill TKO

The Ultimate Big Chill bot can immobilize with ice flames that are so cold that they burn.

The Ulti. Big Chillbot is based off the appearence of Ulti. Big Chill from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.It has a fiery-mask-like face with a black and red body.It has a large stumick,and has of course the Ultimatrix on its chest.Its wings have orange and yellow as a fiery effect,and many parts of the body are red.The Ulti. Big Chillbot also has attena like horns on its head.

For more information on it's red pattern,see Ultimate Big Chill and Bigchill's pattern.


Freezing Fire Cloud:>> C or >> V: Watch as Ulti. Big Chillbot sends a cloud of ice thats so hot at youre foe,it freezes them at a minumum of 1 and a half seconds.Just enough time to hit them once!

Ice Flame:>> Z or >> X: Watch as Ulti. Big Chillbot sends a breath of ice so hot its fire at youre opponet,damadging them.

Frost Inferno: See Ulti. Big Chillbot shoot a beam of fire/ice at youre foe,freezing them for two seconds,two seconds and a half if youre lucky.