Tko shocksquatch

Shocksquatch is an alien from Ben 10: The Fourth Series.

The Shocksquatch-BotEdit

The Shocksquatch-Bot has a yellow face with a black stripe below it.It's eyes are black with green pupils,and it has yellow,blue,and light blue fur.The light blue is the legs and the lower stumick,dark blue for the upper stumick,and yellow fur fur the head and chest.The hands are dark blue,and its feet are grey.


Electrosphere:>> C or >> V: Surround youreself with lighting,keeping youre opponent from touching you.

Ball Lightning:>> Z or >> X: Send a ball of lightning straight at youre opponent,sending them back down to the ground.

Telsa Tower:Spacebar: Send a strike of lightning down to hit youre opponent from the heavens.