Shnitzel tko

Shnitzel is from the series Chowder,witch is made by C.H. Greensblatt.

The ShnitzelbotEdit

The Shnitzel bot can attack from the ground or take to the skies to crush its opponent's.

The Shnitzel bot is a hippo/robot/humanoid like creature who wears a chef apron.He is completely gray,and has a dull face.He has dark gray/black toes and finger's.


Rock Crusher:>> C or >> V: Shnitzelbot will jump into the sky's,landing on youre foe causing damadge.

Ground Cake:>> Z or >> X: The Shnitzelbot will smash the ground,sending pieces of earth with frosting and a cherry on it coming for youre opponent.

Whirl Of Pain:Spacebar: Shnitzelbot will start spinning for atleast two seconds,running into youre foe,causing damadge.However,Shnitzelbot will be a little dizzy.