TKO Rath

Rath is an alien from the Ben 10 franchise.He is in all way's owned by Dwayne McDuffie/The Man Of Action.

The RathbotEdit

The Rathbot uses brute strength and vicious claw attacks to dominate its opponents.The Rathbot,its appearence based off Rath from Ben 10,is a robot with long,eyebrows,orange and white fur,black stripe's,very long claws,and of course,the recognizable Omnitrix/Ultimatrix.It has a badge its featured in,witch is:Ben 10 Brawler.


Shockwave Punch: >> C or >> V: Watch as Rath's claw forces lightning sparks of power up,sending the foe down.

Tiger Claw: >> Z or >> X: Watch as Rath starts to punch his foe with his mighty claw.

Lemme' Tell Ya' Something!: Space Bar: Watch as Rath shoots youre foe up to heaven when you use this super attack,and then watch them fall down with damadge.