Manus is a robot from Sym-Bionic Titan,witch is owned by Genndy Tartakovsky.
Manus tko


The Manus bot can attack from any angles or launch it's opponet into the air with a sliding attack.

The Manusbot,obviously,is a giant robot(oddly,since the game's character's are robots),that is purple,yellow,and gray.With is helmet,shoulder pad's,stumick,waist,hands,and feet being purple,purple is the Manusbot's main colour.On its helmet,it has a traffic light-like thing,with has only the colour yellow on it.On its shoulder pads,it has black,and in the black are grey circles,making them look like a speaker box.The shoulderpad's are also on its feet,but there connected to its feet,unlike the shoulderpad-like things.Its eyes are yellow.


Lance Launcher:>> C or >> V: Watch as Manusbot(Lance) slides into the foe,sending them up into the sky.

Rapid Fire:>> Z or >> X: Watch as Manusbot jumps into the air and rapidly shoots bullets out of its eye's at the opponet.