Tko johnny

Johnny is the main character from Johnny Test.He is owned by Scott Fellows.

The JohnnybotEdit

The Johnny Test bot is good at controlling space with hurricane hand's and a super quick slide.

The Johnnybot has large,spikey,flame like hair,and large blue eyes.He wears a blue jacket,and a black t-shirt under it.The t-shirt has a radioactive symbol on it,reffering to how his sister's,Susan and Mary,are always doing radioactive test expiriment's on him.He wear's green pants,and has no shoes,or his pants just cover his shoes.


Super Slide Super:>> C or >> V: The Johnnybot will slide on the ground,flying you're opponent's into the air and sending them falling down.

Hurricane Hands:>> Z or >> X: The Johnnybot shoots a storm of wind at youre foe,damadging them.

Power Poot:Spacebar: The Johnnybot turns around and farts fire right directly at youre opponent.