Tko finn

Finn is one of the main characters in Adventure Time.Jake is a helper to this robot in TKO.

The FinnbotEdit

The Finn bot uses Jake to suprise its opponents with aerial attacks and quick movement.

The Finnbot wears a large white hat.He has a blue t-shirt.He also has darker matching blue pants,and he wears white socks and tiny black shoes.In the background,you can see tiny animated 3D Jake,who isnt techinaclly a robot,but 3D like the robots.


Sidekick Swing:>> C or >> V: Watch as Jake swoops down and grab's Finn by the hand,swining him right into youre opponent.

Look Out Below!:>> Z or >> X: Jake suddenly falls out of the sky landing on youre foe,while Finn dances.

Adventure Ax:Spacebar: A gigantic Ax with gems and jewel's fall's from the sky,crushing youre opponent.