Duncan tko

Duncan is a character from the Total Drama series,and is owned by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis.

The DuncanbotEdit

The Duncan bot is a very offensive fighter that can juggle uneasy opponent's with ease.

The Duncanbot has a dull expression on it's face,and has a green mohawk.He has pierced ears,and wears a black shirt with a skull on it.Under the short-sleeved black shirt is a long sleeved yellow shirt under it.It wear's short blue pant's.It also wears red and yellow shoes.


Hooligan Kick:>> C or >> V: Watch as Duncanbot fling's itself intot he opponent and kick's them.

Ground Power:>> Z or >> X: Duncanbot will suddenly hit the ground,sending a peace of earth hitting opponent.

Megaton Punch:Spacebar: The Duncanbot will hit the ground,sending bullet's of earth flying up for youre opponent.

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