Tko clockwork

Clockwork is an alien from Ben 10:Ultimate Alien that is owned by Dwayne McDuffie.

The ClockworkbotEdit

The Clockwork bot can freeze opponent's in time and finish them off with a powerfull beam attack.

The Clockworkbot is based off Clockwork from Ben 10.It has a large thing on its head that looks like a fan.Clockwork is completely made out of metal,so the fan-like thing is metal.It has a black mask-like face,similar to Armodrillo's grey mask-like face.It has the omnitrix on its chest.It also has black stripes all over its body.


Temporal Jump:>> C or >> V: Have a green ray of time itself surround you and protect you.

Time Stop:>> Z or >> X: Shoot a small beam of green time at youre opponent,freezing them in time goo.

Chrono Blast:Spacebar: Shoot a giant green blast of time at youre opponent,damadging them.