Chef tko

Chef is a tough character from the Total Drama series.He is created by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis.

The ChefbotEdit

The Chef bot throws a variety of projectiles and has a sliding kick with a deceptively long range.

The Chefbot wears a white chef hat.It also wears a yellow shirt with a white apron over it.It wears green pants,part of the pant's covered by the apron.Chefbot also has a very angry expression on it's face.


Grease Kick:>> C or >> V: Chefbot will slide near youre oponent and then kick them quickly.

Everything But...:>> Z or >> X: The Chefbot will throw pizza and other random food at youre foe,damadging them.

Kitchen Sink:Spacebar: The Chefbot will suddenly grab a giant kitchen sink with great might and through it at youre opponent.

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