Armodrillo is from the Ben 10 franchise,and is owned by Dwayne McDuffie/The Man Of Action.
TKO armodrillo


The Armodrillo bot can drill through earth or leap through the air to attack its enemy's.

The Armodrillobot is yellow and gray,and is made out of metal.His face is a gray mask-like metal.He has two tiny metal ears that he can hear stuff with,giant drill arm's,and two big feet.He has the omnitrix on his chest.


Terra Firma:>> C or >> V: Watch as Armodrillobot leaps through the air,landing on youre foe,crushing them.

Earth Drill:>> Z or >> X: Watch and learn as Armodrillobot smashes the ground,sending a drill to youre foe if lucky.

Mega Drill: Spacebar: Look at youre screen as Armodrillobot sends an even bigger drill then the Earth Drill near you,hitting youre foe if lucky.

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