Agent six TKO

Agent Six is from Generator Rex,and is owned by The Man Of Action.

The Agent SixbotEdit

The Agent Six bot can through swords to keep it's enemy's at bay or dash in quick for combo attacks.

The Agent Sixbot has black hair and wears sunglasses.It wears a green suit,with has a long sleeved white shirt under it.It wears a black tie,and has a brown belt and green pants to match his green suit.He wear's brown shoes.


Sliding Strike:>> C or >> V: Slide right into youre opponent,damadging them.

Katana Throw:>> Z or >> X: Throw a green katana at youre opponent;Z:Throw it at them near the ground,X:Throw it at them when they're high in the air.

Magnetic Wave:Spacebar: Send a bunch of green wrenches up to hit youre opponent.